Rehearsal – are TWICE members sleeping while dancing? – 180908.

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  1. I think this is not funny.. Our queens really need some rest ❤️

  2. it is cute but sad at the same time, they definitely need rest alot.

  3. I really love Nayeon, she always smile.
    Everyone is tired, but she always smile.
    Hope they can take more rest, let’s receive more smile from them.

  4. sometimes I feel sad, they went to Japan an Korea back and forth. They are really tired.

  5. Seems like 2yeon had a rough night , i wonder what happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    no but srsly JYP give ‘em a break , they deserve it.

  6. They’re just too blur and cute

  7. They not tired….just sleepy,it just early morning

  8. Aigoo! They really need a good rest

  9. sleepy….. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  10. They’re fine, young and full of energy its just you kept showing pictures of them blinking.

  11. Aaaawe my jeongyeonahhhh

  12. “Oh…. but they just LOVE having six comebacks a year!”

  13. “Why am I here?”
    JYP, let TWICE have more rests please.

  14. They have been constantly moving after every event. Although they like meeting ONCEs, we as fans don’t want to see them looking like they haven’t slept.

  15. Let them rest pls

  16. Twice are hard-working women

  17. Please let our queens rest…

  18. Poor babies! I hope they get some rest soon!

  19. Please take a break. ONCE want comebacks and powerful stages, that’s right, but before this WE WANT TWICE TO BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY. So please take some rest, sleep properly and eat well. This is not funny, they must be so tired. My babies 🙁


  21. This is not funny~ those JYP ent really push them for performance by performance..
    Most likely 100% of the new building is under influences of 2pm & twice.. both cause 50% each.. they just want more money from these girls