TWICE is officially confirmed to make a comeback. And as a result, will be competing with EXO, Wanna One and NU’EST W, who will be releasing their albums around the same time.

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  1. If they win against them this will be such a big achievement for K-pop girl groups in general
    I really hope they win
    And netizens start loving GirlGroups as much as BoyGroups

  2. Early November, as predicted..
    well, no matter who they will compete with, i’ll just focus to support my precious girls..
    now the comeback date being set, need to collect money for buying album..

  3. Wow!!! TWICE and Tzuyu So Beautiful !!!<333 ~.=

  4. As much as i love TWICE having another comeback, i hope they can rest longer since they still have BDZ arena tour and CFs …

  5. Get ready boys and girls!


  7. I*zone is in trouble, they better watch out for twice

  8. November 5 please knock on our doors! I can’t wait for this one!!

  9. I can’t wait

  10. Wanna one exo and twice at the same time ? I think the world is gonna explode

  11. Wow TWICE is coming back day after my birthday nov 4!!!
    I’m expecting a lot from them!!
    I love TWICE!

  12. YESS !!! DAHYUN IS SO CUTEE !!! ❤❤

  13. I have no idea who’ll win the live shows, they’re all so famous

  14. What no why jyp why did you do it with all those ppl having comebacks damn it once be ready let’s try give them some trophy

  15. when Twice have comeback when I have school… I’m crying cuz I’m happy but at the same time sad :'(

  16. And also RV

  17. Omg momo so beautiful

  18. No to fanwars✊✊

  19. SNSDもろパクり~

  20. Yiee