Amazing edit ♥ from MN Studios!


  1. Thank you for MN Studios!!! ^_^ I love the edit so much.

  2. i love your new profile pic it is funny and i love your videos

  3. Chaeng could be Ant-girl too!

  4. I love your profile picture <3 it's hilarious!. I also love your videos <3

  5. Nayeon should be wonder woman

  6. Jihyo and Mina ❤️

  7. Sana

  8. tzuyu is yoda what are you saying

  9. I choose spidergirl and iron girl so pretty and tzuhulk

  10. Lol. when I see Tzuyu in the thumbnail

  11. its is so funny

  12. TaeTzu!!

  13. Just like what Jihyo picked in Ask In The Box, except for Jeongyeon should be Hawkeye and Momo should be Black Widow. Such a great editing! Keep it up!

  14. I like nayeon in twice and iron man in avengers

  15. I like Mina and dahyun and …


  16. Omg Chaeyong shocked me haha IT FIT!!
    Sana, Chaeyong, Mina

  17. Loona songs in the background…Thanks!

  18. Mina and Dahyun

  19. Sana Scarlet Witch

  20. My fighter is Mina the Doctor Strange

  21. Kim Rocket Dahyoon