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  1. *Is it just me or is Mina always leaning on Jeongyeon, talking to her most of the time whenever the taller girl is beside her?* I see Sana, Chaeyoung and Dahyun on Mina’s side too but she always just wants to talk to Jeongyeon even on the times she is having fun watching something, she always leans back and look at Jeongyeon like she wants to tell her something. This happened during ISAC also and their v-lives too. *So definitely Mina is whipped for Jeongyeon.* hahahaha

  2. Finally waited for you to post a new video! Thankk uu so much for making my day tho! Waiting for more❤️

  3. мay ι ĸnow wнaт ѕong yoυ υѕe ғor вacĸgroυnd .pleaѕe love тнιѕ ѕong ,нow ever ιм noт υnderѕтand cнιneѕe langυage