Congratulations to our dear 🍰🎂🍾
Momo born on November 9, 1996

TWICE (트와이스) MOMO (모모) “Happy Birthday” Fan M/V

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  1. *MOMO* signal, wake me up, good

  2. happy birthday momoring

  3. wow is cute i love 2da biias of twice <3

  4. My momorin ♡

  5. Wow

  6. Happy birthday Momo our cut dancer
    For November 9

  7. I love momo
    happy birthday

  8. 시시심쿵(≥∀≤)♥♥♥

  9. happy birthday

  10. Momoring,happy birthday

  11. Happy birthday bias momo

  12. Happy birthday momo

  13. Momo eres la mejor