Ayo Ladies and gentlemen,

Here’s a compilation of OUR jokbal queen,momorin,momo peach,momo racoon,hirai momo,twice japanese line,momo Who is one ADORKABLE HUMAN BEING
here are Reasons to love Momo such as, Momo sneeze,Momo laugh,momo ehh an many more
hope you like this video and HAPPY BIRTHDAY

I do not own the clips!!!!
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  1. I love Momo because she can only do the tissue thing. Like if you get it.

  2. I love my dancing machine ❤️

  3. momo’s sneeze: aheyoyoy

  4. Momo is a baby, I love very much her

  5. That’s why I love her❤

  6. Momoring cutee

  7. 6:43 Song name?

    9:00 Song name?

  8. Happy Birthday Momo! Wish you all the best for the future and for Twice.

  9. I love momoring

  10. she is the cutest, I love her so much.

  11. Teu-doong…
    Teu-doong-ie *Ehhh?*

  12. Theres no reasons, *Cause you automaticly love her.*

  13. I’m a simple once, I see momo I press like

  14. yes

  15. first ;)))

  16. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  17. uwu

  18. Yessssssss

  19. Momo I love you

  20. Happy birthday momo! She is the dancing machine!

  21. 83 viewer❤

  22. Momoring❤