lmao what do u guys think? this is just basically a compilation of their sweet moments together~ mostly heechul loving momo lol


  1. Wait, you’re filipino?

  2. theres also that moment both heechul and momo were mcs for a music festival’

  3. I think he is in love with Momo

  4. Bagayyyyy silaaa ❣

  5. la na finish na HAHAHA LT

  6. I ship

  7. Hahahah helllloo mga kapwa PH ONCE

  8. Heechul’s reaction at Momo’s “Ohayuo” was same as mine

  9. Heechul is my bias!!

  10. You forgot that one time where Gfriend visited his apartment, there is the twice candy bbong, mina’s ball when she used it for the idol star athletics and the dog stuff toy of Momo (9:47)

  11. satagal tagal ko pinapanood yung vid mo ngayun ko lang nalaman na filipino ka pala nalaman ko dun sa “la na,finish na”

  12. Omfg! I ship them!!!

  13. Lol r u filipino?

  14. I love how the guy in the right in 1:46 looks so surprised

  15. I think he is in fall in love with her

  16. What’s imao???

  17. Is Heechul in love with Momo ? : **Sees them holding hands …** Em yes they’re in love❤