These photos of TWICE Mina prove her aura is unrivaled.

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  1. I was in Twice because every member is different and have their on charms.
    Mina is my bias wrecker of all time.

  2. She’s very unique ..her beauty and elegance are very unique and is natural on her .I mean just look at her every single move that she made is pure elegance the way that she talks ,the way that she walks, the way that she stands .she’s totally a real LADY

  3. Her heart is also beautiful and elegant and kind ❤️❤️❤️

  4. The most elegant penguin in the world

  5. Mina is the hottest celebrity I’ve ever seen in my life

  6. Very beautiful!!! Mina I love you

  7. QUEEN!!!!!! STAN TWICE!!!

  8. She’s so pretty

  9. I love her ❤

  10. Watch twice tv4- last episode….26- December-2016 on vlive

  11. Mina = Main visual. That is why her name is Mina Main

  12. I have thoughs on Taehyung then i see those pics

  13. Mina the Whoa-man of the universe #1

  14. I love twice m<3<3

  15. Ultimate bias wrecker of all time

  16. #hottestcelebrityever #prettiestcelebrityever #mostbeautifulcelebrityever #cutestcelebrityever #sexiestcelebrityever