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  1. Minari

  2. Minari is so stable and elegant.

  3. I like Music Bank performances because they mostly prioritize that the idols performing rely more on their/actual voices than the pre-record on the background. Even with the slips, I still would eant to hear idols sing with their own voices live. It makes the performance really special for the fans.

  4. Im Nayeon
    Yoo Jeongyeon
    Hirai Momo
    Minatozaki Sana
    Park Jihyo
    Myoui Mina
    Kim Dahyun
    Son Chaeyoung
    Chou Tzuyu

  5. I still can’t get over with how Jeongyeon Mina Jihyo and Nayeon being so stable, but Jeongyeon got this in the bag man.

  6. Comentario en español que buscas xD

  7. Who said they cant sing, yes of course the voice hear bit unstable but it is bcoz their choreo were so energetic.

  8. mina is so calm and have stable voice

  9. I love their outfits also Jeongyeon is so beautiful. Twice queens! Please keep streaming Yes or Yes MV. Road to 100M views!!

  10. ミナ、地声が高いほうだから高い音でも全然外さないし声が麗しくて聴いてて安心する、大好き〜〜

  11. Mina’s outfit is really nice

  12. Nayeon so stable…

  13. Mina in this era really reminds me of JeTi.

  14. I see Mina and I click(Minari~)