TWICE members on the red carpet – 2018 Asia Artist Awards.

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  1. tzuyu you need to stop wearing white coz u stopped my heart and that’s dangerous

  2. *Tzuyu dress like MGA (*CLOR AND THE DRESS*)*
    *WHY ?*
    *But she’s soooo pretty* ♡

  3. 0:37 Sana looks like Tzuyu 😀

  4. tzuyu really needs a new hairstylee

  5. OMG!!! TWICE and Tzuyu So Beautiful!!!<333 Thanks


  7. jeongyeon look like a model

  8. ohh my gosh nayeon she look so pretty and gorgeous with her dress she look so amazing my queen nayeon

  9. Dahyun gorgeous

  10. mina !!!

  11. 0:37 TZUYU IS THAT YOU?!

  12. All visuals

  13. Moguri ❤