-BTS Taehyung Twice Tzuyu
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  1. 2:04 omfg he really glances behind to confirm Chewy still there or not lmao

  2. My gawd he is so obvious hahahhahaha
    My taetzu heartu going boom boom

  3. Started from the “eye contact” on Golden Disk Awards 2016, they have a lot of moments after it. Like, they have been having a crush on each other especially Taetae since then makes my heart flutters everytime these two ❤️

  4. He looks calm but secretly focus on Tzuyu.

  5. before this video v kept looking at twice side like every award show and u know why 😉

    when they walked to the center he kept looking at tzuyu cus he wanted to stand near her
    @0:19 he glanced at her, he looks tense while coming near
    @0:26 she bowed a lil and smiled when he came near her
    @0:32 he leaned to the the left so he will not block her face and he checked on her
    @0:38 he moved to right so she will have space beside him but she didn’t move, i think that’s why he glanced at @0:44 to check if she’s still there or not
    @1:27 he turned fast to twice to greet her but sadly she went to the back fast TT

    taetzu shipper since 2016 <3

  6. 0:53 looks like tyuzu is leaning her chin to tae’s head

  7. I watch this when its 1.6k views. Lets see how much it will increase on the next couple days keke

  8. Wow you’re so good at finding these! I legit watched the same videos over and over but didn’t notice this ughhh I love you thank you ❤️ #taetzu

  9. Sadly Twice won’t attend Melon Music Awards this Sunday as they are flying to Gaum today. We only going to see BangTwice again on MAMA Japan Dec12.

  10. Love it

  11. Being honest I’m so shocked with Tzuyu, she is so carefree glancing to him now after date ban is over, standing near to him too she looks happy. She really look like she want to be near him, sometimes I feel like she want touch him, like in this video when she was crouching behind him 0:48, onces know that she is not like this with boys, so I’m a bit shocked.

  12. 唉唷喂呀!!好可愛啊(※^^※ )。**

  13. They’re so cute together❤️

  14. I want more moments