“I’m not going to change
Yes, I will never change
And I will always watch over you
You light up my life, you’re the one in my life
Even when I may lose everything
I will never regret and keep on loving you
You are the only one in my heart”

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Love !!!


  1. Haha Jeongyeon is important to take care of the babies.

  2. Đói mmt ghê cảm ơn bạn đã làm video nhé

  3. So fast, I just watched RM and thought to comment jeongmi moment when locked arms even for a quick moment haha but then you already added it hahah

  4. Jeong modus dikit-dikit ke Mina Chaeyoung liatin kekekeke

  5. I hope jeongyeon only look at momo. Momo is cheating jeongyeon with sana and dahyun because jeongyeon cheating with mina and nayeon.

  6. jeongmi <3

  7. Congratulations, Mina. Three years of waiting was not in vain. But Sana is so harshly destined. Still Sana likes Jeongyeon, worries and cares.