Alert!! Clumsy Sana is back~~~(踉蹌少女Sana回來了)

BGM: A Good Boy – Baek A-yeon


  1. I like Sana. She is so pretty.

  2. Be careful Sana ya.I am worry you.plz take care.

  3. I love it when I see the girls can laugh at themselves when these things happen.

  4. They were having a lot of fun performing on Guam , I’m glad that they are so relaxed and also show how much they have honed their craft ❤️❤️❤️

  5. saaaaaanaaaaaaaa……….

  6. I’m curious if it was her shoes or dress that caused the issue.
    But whatever the cause, Sana could be super clumsy and would still be my favorite. 🙂
    And TWICE are awesome! They are very supportive of each other and always have fun. It’s one of the things that sets them apart.


  8. BGM is by Baek A-yeon!!
    Still remember her encore stage with Twice in 2016.
    Thanks for upload~~:)

  9. 0:58..

  10. When when when where where

  11. Hahahahahahahha

  12. Sana has no luck, but she always takes it well!
    awkward but so cuddle with TWICE … after his clumsiness .

    It’s Sana, what!!!! >< ^^°

  13. Sana:I told you I will be back!
    I sang ” Do it again ” hahaha….
    You have no choices ! Only yes !

  14. What’s the song that was played at the start? 0:00 – 1:17 I cant remember but it feels so familiar my gad

  15. What’s the song at the beginning?

  16. The same goes, no Sana no life.

  17. Ee

  18. Does anyone have the link of that performance?

  19. Intro song name?