“Elegant Queen” Mina is so gorgeous, she can make any outfit look luxurious. She’s beautiful, talented, and a natural model too! From floral dresses to snazzy suits, here (in no particular order) are some of Mina’s best looks of 2018.

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[Source] https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/times-twice-mina-best-outfits-2018/

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  1. She looks beautiful no matter what she wears

  2. She is the definition of *NATURAL BEAUTY* , thats my lovely PENGUIN right there ♡♡♡

  3. She’s beautiful no matter what she wear and i think mina is your bais

  4. Who the hell dislike the video? How dare you!
    Mina Mina Mina Mina!

  5. If Mina (TWICE) can make t-shirt and jeans look good I’m pretty sure everything else they wear is going to look FABULOUS

  6. Who will not love the cutie angel

  7. Need to agree
    Mina always get worst dress but she make it look so beautiful that make me want to buy

  8. Shes like a godess model..

  9. Mina is always look fashionable in her attire, then Sana and lately Jeongyeon too..

  10. What’s the song playing??? I used to listen to it but forgot its name.

  11. DAMN RIGHT SHE CAN! Thus woman is a princess!!

  12. She always beautiful no matter what she wears

  13. Mina♡♡♡

  14. My adorable baby penguin

  15. She just too amazingg

  16. What background song do you use plz tell me it is amazing

  17. need to mute the video

  18. My fav wud be mina in white shirt and blue jeans..