TWICE(트와이스) “The Best Thing I Ever Did(올해 제일 잘한 일)” TEASER ONCE

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  1. Dahyun’s new hair color looks so gorgeous! Iloveyoumydubuuuuuuu

  2. To be honest TWICE is honestly one of the most hardworking girl group I’ve ever known (for now atleast) they definitely deserve so much.

  3. TWICE in just this week:

    #1 girl group brand reputation for December

    #1 on Tower Records Best Sellers 2018 (Album & Singles for Kpop artists)

    #1 most tweeted Girl Group in Twitter Korea

    #1 most streamed artist in Spotify Japan

    #YESorYES⁠ ⁠ with Platinum certification

    TWICE album sales officially over 3 million in Gaon

  4. omg.. comeback again? so fast. lets beat twice yes or yes 24 hours views

  5. If twice has millions of fans I’m one
    If twice has 5 fans I’m one
    If twice has 1 fan that’s me
    If twice has 0 fans I’m no longer on earth.
    If the world is against twice I’m against the world.

    TWICE JJANG! ❤❤❤

  6. They’re defenitely making a new MV with a Christmas Theme 🙂

  7. here after teaser TWICE✋✋

  8. bro this gave me barbie a perfect christmas vibes

  9. Merry Christmas Everyone,,,,

  10. Idk why but the intro sounded like a christmas version of ‘SOLO’. I prefer this one, tho. It’s purer hihi

  11. 9 passion girls who are determined to bring light in people hearts with the brightest smiles in the world, that’s how I describe TWICE.

  12. TWICE!!

  13. “The best thing I ever did”
    was search: *Stray Kids*

  14. *Best thing I ever did was…. devote my life to be a ONCE. Merry Christmas everyone!*

  15. 0:07 me throwing all of my love and money to them

  16. The best that I have done is being ONCE☺☺