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  1. So pretty! Luckily she didn’t fell down, heard that Guam rain on that day before the performance and the stage floor might be a bit wet. Love how she is so professional and maintain her smile and treat nothing has happen before. So pro!

  2. Yesss i’ve been waiting for this

  3. Sana still clumsy

  4. 1:11, 1:48

  5. 1:48 my heart almost stopped

  6. I really love when sana’s hair is straight like this she’s so pretty

  7. 사나 역시 프로네.. 두번이나 넘어질뻔했는데 당황하지않고.. 짱짱짱!!!

  8. Clumsy as always

  9. Yung puso pakiramdam ko nahulog nung nadulas si Sana.. Baby ingat ka please..