“…” -Wyatt

TWICE surprised EVERYONE when they dropped their new music video for ‘Likey’ (Japanese vers.)! Watch Cody & Wyatt of GayPop REACT to this music video~! We couldn’t be more shook’t that we get essentially a second copy of THISSSSSS music video! What was your favorite part??? Tell us in the comments below! #twice #likey #twicejapan #reaction

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  1. ur new background is giving me life

  2. I love you, kisses from Brazil ❤️⚡️

  3. Minayeon shippers lol where you at.

  4. I love your channel, you could react to glory gloover, she is a Brazilian drag who released the song coisa boa yesterday and already has more than 1 million views.

  5. Since when are you both gingers?

  6. lmfao “you’ve got two choices….. subscribe…………. or get out!!” love you guys sm

  7. The title LMAO. Yes kings I live for your reactions

  8. I really like Tzuyu’s different vocal in the pre-chorus, but something about the ‘fluttering heart’ equivalent sounds off to me. I love the dokidokidoki though!

  9. I want the nayeon shirt too T-T

  10. Hai moshikuwa Hai !

  11. Los amo y las amo mis ñiñas preciosas saludos desde PERU❤❤❤

  12. queens ♡

  13. Primer comentario

  14. @Gaypop please react to Lisa Solo Stage in Thailand please….Shes so beyond everything now. Please on your next video….