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Song: All For You – Jung Eun Ji & Seo In Gook
Pic: twitter
Vid: DH S

A Born Artist


  1. just the way mina looks at chaeyoung sENDS ME

  2. I’m a guy and I’m straight, but I’ve already watch maybe 50+ MiChaeng videos cuz I rarely see eyes full of love like for these 2…gender doesn’t matter, these 2 are the definition of love.
    I’m just mesmerize, it’s beautiful and painful. In a perfect world, they belong to each other, but in this one… :'(

  3. I love the way Mina look at Chaeyoung. It’s like there’s only the two of them and everything else disappears.

  4. *cries in gay*

  5. mina’s gaze is full of love y’all hOLD ME THE FCK UP THIS IS LOVE

  6. Are we back with mina only look at chaeyoung?

  7. Don’t care people talk about u both,i hope MiChaeng always together forever…me and Jeongyeon is shipper MiChaeng:)

  8. They’re so perfect for each other. Why can’t they just date?

  9. My main ship! ❤


  10. My heart!
    Always looking at chaeyoung lol

  11. Dios mío enserio ya confirmen por favor. Cada día veo como mina ve a Chae young y pensar que las personas exajeraban sobre esto.

  12. TheArtist i love you whoever you are, haha keep it going…i was saddened the other time you stop making videos of MiChaeng like for almost 4 months, but it’s so good that you are really back..

  13. Seriously I don’t who is the most whipped, them for each other or me for them lol

  14. Chae is jelous

  15. omg the editing is an art work!!!!!