TWICE’s Sana – the queen of variety shows


Who can’t live without Sana??

#NoSanaNoLife #NoLifeWithoutSana


All credits go to the owner and creator of the original videos.


  1. *Omg, Sana is so cute and adorable!*


  3. every twice member have their own speciality and role, Sana have do the best job in sexy cute .. she’s very talented

  4. Even wendy couldn’t resist with her cuteness.

  5. *IS SANA GAY?*

  6. I love my bias so much, she’s so adorable!

  7. This is why she is my bias

  8. this video amazing

  9. Sana will never makes you dissapointed with all she doing, yes! as expected.

  10. You should make a Dahyun one. Shes really an extra goddess in variety show

  11. Sana is #1

  12. YES SANA IS GAY I don’t mean it like a bad thing I really like it because SAIDA BRUH SAIDA FOEVA

  13. ❤❤❤

  14. I love SANAAA!!

  15. Sana being SANA..☺☺☺

  16. Sana i love you

  17. I was having a pretty shitty day but this made me happy. Thankyou for uploading 🙂

  18. No sana no life i love shiba inu love hamsy

  19. That Happy Together episode is my favorite one

  20. When sana said his japanese wasn’t as good as mine does she mean like her japanese isn’t that good either cause isn’t that suppose to be her main language?

  21. I will love Sana all eternity

  22. OMG T-ara Jiyeon can do the Mario jump sound too!!!! I thought nobody could replicate it!!!!!