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Track: Hreez – The Way Out
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  1. …………

  2. Her ribs and bones are kinda visible

  3. She’s so beautiful and attractive as always

  4. No she’s the same as before

  5. omg Momo is anorexic

  6. Its not that bad tho when momo raises her arms her ribs just shows and its been like that since, she looks fine

  7. Her Ribcage is sooo

  8. REPORT the video and the account inciting hatred

  9. REPORT the video inciting hatred

  10. Body goals!!!!!

  11. Please eat more and be healthy.

  12. 모모 넘 말랐다…ㅜㅜㅜ

  13. Her ribs are visible like that since cheer up era

  14. She shouldn’t have to lose so much weight, this is sad.

  15. …………

  16. ………….