Are you BABO right now?
Are you DUMB right now?

Hello guys! We comeback with bring hilarious videos about KPOP. Watch right now. Then think about whether they are dumb right now? OR NOT? OR On The Process of being dumb? This video just for entertainment not as a mockery or an insult! So we hope all of you really enjoying this video!! Don’t forget to leave your like, comment and subscribe!! And always support us, we will bring you more awesome videos all about KPOP!!

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  1. Intro / Outro by Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb

  2. bomi! apink is life

  3. : “what do you think is their IQ?”
    : *LAUGHS NERVOUSLY* “i dont even know my IQ”

  4. Im just a simple person i saw sungjae i clicked.

  5. Hahaha Momo is so cute! Nayeon good actress

  6. The intro of the music is perfect for the video

  7. twice pabo line is everything

  8. ใครคนไทยเข้ามาดูบ้างม้นหน่อยไม่หยิ่งเนาะ

  9. Momo

  10. Momo maybe dumb but she’slit when she dances

  11. Apink and BTS.. ❤️❤️

  12. btob

  13. Who is her senior?. The girl at 6:30?. And what is the girl’s name?

  14. Expected Momo hahahah.. She’s pabo she act cute but her mind is mature

  15. hahahah as expected opening is BTOB and #changjae 🙂 lol 6:54 I didn’t think our Im Star to make an entrance 🙂 I really miss Actor Yook tho 🙁

  16. Not surprised Momo or any of the Twice members were here ha I love them

  17. Momo was here a lot ha

  18. Jaebumie pabo!