love me now!


  1. how is she handsome, sexy and beautiful all at the same time? mina defies nature

  2. Everyone look great in suits and Mina is the most charming one. No extra accessories on outfit but Mina’s body line is extremely gorgeous!

  3. 미나야 ~♥♥

  4. Mina How About Your Foot Why No Body Take Cake Of Her I Worry About Mina Foot Hope Get Well Soon

  5. Minari❤❤, thank you master-nim

  6. OMG 4K theaks you!

  7. She is so breathtakingly beautiful. Take care of your leg Minari and don’t overwork yourself too much,we are proud of you

  8. Mina❤️❤️❤️

  9. i have been fed.

  10. So cool

  11. Mina looks like uncomfortable, maybe her legs hurt.

  12. Minari~~♡♡♡

  13. これ誰の曲のカバーですか?

  14. Thank you so much <3
    Minari so KOOOL ~

  15. 名井さん❤️

  16. Mina move so soft and sexy

  17. Thanks to Mina oppa~0’36” slayed!! Chaeng you’re in trouble…
    From Jihyo bias & Momo bias.

  18. They didn’t even do the dance break for that song. Momo would’ve done it some justice

  19. Someone save me…………MINA
    God kill beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!