visual line in twice can sing high notes?


  1. Minaaa

  2. Sana’s voice is screamimg.
    Mina & Tzuyu = they always wisper because they don’t have power.

  3. Her sweet soft voice is what i live for

  4. Mina ♥️

  5. mina ♡

  6. Mina is almost in vocal line, she’s like, the fourth main vocal

    Tzuyu’ voice is deeper so this is kinda not fair for her lol

    And Sana’s high note shocked me. Like I know her voice is high pitched but I didn’t think she’d sound THAT good.

    I love my multi talented queens.

  7. 1 Mina
    2 Sana
    3 Tzuyu

  8. My tzuyu have a low voice

  9. Yes mina my bias? Why so beautiful?

  10. Mina + High Note = My Death

  11. High note
    1. Mina
    2. Sana
    3. Tzuyu

  12. Actually Twice visual line is Tzunami which is: Tzuyu Nayeon and Mina but personally I think all Twice members are beautiful! They should be all Visuals

  13. Honestly Tzuyu’s performance of “Sway” on Sixteen is pretty fucking good. It’s really unexpected IMO, like she was never really portrayed as a threat in episode 1, so even though she’s not Main Vocal status or anything, it was neat to see that she did well enough to put up a fight against Nayeon, who was like… the 4th best vocalist on the show

  14. Mina ❤️

  15. Mina’s voice is really soft and sometimes she sounds like whispering (beautifully). But once she goes for higher note, her voice becomes strong. She’s special to me ❤

  16. Sana’s highnotes better than Mina but Mina live better than Sana =)))) and Tzuyu have a low voice

  17. Sana with Mina have a highnote in You in my heart

  18. Tbh all twice members can sang high notes

  19. High Notes;

  20. Minas adlip in Melting is high I guess

  21. TZUYU

  22. Agree!
    Visual line of TWICE:

  23. mina

  24. I think Nayeon and Dahyun are also in the visual line(I’ve read it somewhere), even tho Twice doesn’t have an official visual line, because all of the members could be visuals.

  25. Half of these notes aren’t high notes. They don’t have that much high notes in live performances, but usually Mina have more than Sana and Tzuyu is bside tracks (Usually Mina use falsetto tho, probably because their producers tell her to use this way since Minas falsetto sounds good). I think Mina overall is the one who has more chance of doing good high notes in the future, Sana had a problem with pitch and intonation but I think she is better now and Tzuyu is still figuring out about her voice and vocal range.

  26. I mean…Mina maybe but Sana & Tzuyu…they all still use a lot of help with MR. No hate I still love them