Sweet JeongMi moments at TWICELAND ZONE 2: FANTASY PARK IN SINGAPORE. I smiled nonstop when making this video so I hope you guys will feel the same way when watching it 🙂 Watch in 720p and enjoy the video. Hope you guys enjoy!
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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I love them❤️❤️❤️

  2. Mina has now gain confident bcuz of jeongyeon. jeongyeon always lead mina every b4 WIL era. mina is not shy or quiet anymore like we use to know b4. she really have grown and i thank jeongyeon for it. we cant see jeongmi moment alot anymore cuz mina is not shy anymore and brave to interact with others members more. she use to stick with jeongyeon behind the group and next to each other. i hope we can see their beautiful friendship more like b4 . but its okay since there like to do it privately tho. hahahahhaa. jeongmi stan here.