My 4thMV about (Sanayeon) Im Na Yeon (임나연) and Minatozaki Sana (湊崎紗夏) Twice couple. Here is my promised fourth MV about my lovely underrated ship Sanayeon ^^ and I know today south korea won against germany and I am so proud of them that I thought … I must upload something :3
I know there are these amazing ships like Saida, Satzu, 2yeon, … and I also ship everything but for me (I am talking about my personal feelings, while I don’t care about yours) there is nothing more satisfying as seeing Nayeon and Sana together ^^

I am also very thankful for Madao TV for uploading the scene where Sana is sniffeling on Nayeons neck*-* you must check it out :3

Music: Twice ~ What is love


  1. This is my 4th MV about Sana and Nayeon*-* I am really thankfull for everyones love and support for them 😀
    Music: Twice ~ What is love

  2. Nice

  3. #nayeon and #sana forever

  4. they’re so fitting to each other

  5. 재밌어 ♥

  6. uhh your vid,, too powerful…