You won’t ever forget this dance cover !

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  1. All hail the Queens
    Twice of House JYP, 1st of their name, the Unbeaten, Queens of the 3rd gen, Khaleesi of SoKor, Breaker of Records, and Mother of Once.

    The Nation’s, Asia’s and World’s GG is back!

  2. Have you seen the teaser?
    #Once #Twice #DanceTheNightAway

  3. These two just turn pabo over dancing. They wont stop dancing XD

  4. This is SO OLD!!! At least it’s better than running negative stories like k-buzz I guess….

  5. abiz I know you’re kbuzz answer me pls

  6. This is so old tho

  7. i❤u momo

  8. Unnies and cuteness.

  9. The sound is scary

  10. Omg i hate the music

  11. burp

  12. Fk this BGM gives me creeps gosh *goosebumps*

  13. Ghaszshieenah