After all the controversy about their vocal skills, TWICE finally proved to K-pop fans that they totally could sing live very well.

Sources: youtube, tinnhac
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  1. They all did well but momo’s voice didnt blend well with the backtrack you can tell it’s really separated and unstable but they did grea

  2. People like riffgroove in the comment section is the reason why the world is such a sad place. You come hate on them if the video says “Twice gets criticized for lipsyncing”, you also come shade on them with cheek-in-tongue comments when the video says “TWICE gets praised for not lipsyncing”. Are you all leading such a sad life that the only thing you can do is be negative all the time? If they were bad they are working on it and improving, that’s what you wanted them to do right? Or did you actually want them to stay bad forever so that you could get an orgasm out of bashing them and now you’re mad that you’re losing more and more reason to push your negativity on them? Lol y’all are hypocrites of the highest degree.

  3. This isn’t their first time singing live, wtf?

  4. The title makes it look like this is the first time they sing live which is not true

  5. They improve so much. But momo 🙁

  6. People need to understand lip-syncing is better than having to sound bad because of the dance.I’m not saying this for only twice,it is for Kpop in general.Most dances in kpop make it hard to sound stable and nice so it is better they lip sync.

  7. Im proud of my girls for being able to overcome all those rude comments about their lip syncing

  8. They did a very good job all though some of them are not that stable especially momo it’s just because jyp don’t let her use her real voice back in SIXTEEN era… Btw the title is so weird like it is not the first time tho that they sing live like duhhh..

  9. They’re supposed to sing live
    Every artist have to sing live

  10. Why y’all acting like this is the first time? But if the title is “X was praised for not lipsyncing” y’all will say good things to them.


  12. Momo has got to have one of the worst voices among kpop idols

  13. Being praised for something that they are expected to do..hmmm..

  14. Omg thinking that what is love is a fast tempo song and has difficult choreo is a reach hahahaha. If they were idols, they can nail this kind of song very easily without being praised for not lip syncing hahaahaa. They have hardest songs tbh like tt and cheer up

  15. Lol Twice has always been slaying, they are still slaying and they always will!

  16. Excuse me but u should be praising them for having such beautiful vocals, how is that a compliment, Imagine urself doing that while dancing, they could still sing so beautifully, while I over here suffocate while trying to do the same.

  17. They aren’t talentless…no one can deny that fact but that performance wasn’t AMAZING. I saw/heard it and there were several moments, including momo’s, that had me looking like one of the trainers from produce 101 whenever a high note was botched lol.

    Edit: I also need to add that Chae’s new hair is the reason why I’m sitting in a hospital right now. That girl better stop!


  19. Fans should learn how to take honest negative comments positively esp. when it’s true afterall

  20. This is not a news or anything new tho? Y’all acting like it’s the first time just to hate on TWICE. Smh

  21. They improved since TT and their voice is clearly heard in Signal era

    Edit : im not a once