TWICE’s Jihyo and Sana recently did a live broadcast and revealed the drjnking habits of some of the members!

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  1. so does SANA always drunk everyday?? ‘cause she do that everyday LOL NaYEON tho

  2. i want to get drunk behind SANA to receive some holy kiss

  3. What about drunk Mina and Tzuyu? Are they more outgoing?

  4. They will destroy their liver with all that alcohol.

  5. So basically alcohol multiplies the aspects of twice… I’m just picturing Jeongyeon and jihyo sighing while trying to round up the other 7.


  7. That’s mean Sana isn’t being fake for loving the members…

  8. Is it okay if i bring alcohol in fansign events???

  9. I even heard that in korea, if its a company thing like when with coworkers and sometimes even with you superiors you cant refuse to drink… and come on guys TWICE are cute but they are Not kids anymore, theyre all 20yr old adults. They are allowed to drink and party if they want to.

  10. Wow nice twice my favourite twice

  11. Oh sht, i knew it

  12. “Drjnkjng”? looks like the uploader is the drunk one here

  13. i already known this, posted this last night someone did

  14. we love every corner every side of them whatever it is! ahahaha

  15. What time is it on vlive?

  16. LOL they chose the most innocent interpretation for Nayeon. What if needing 3 people around you means she goes crazy and needs 3 people to restrain her?