Its july so heres another fmv.enjoy guys,LETS SPREAD MINAYEON,im so excited in twice comeback ,copyright to all materials thank you so so much
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  1. Minayeon Very Cute And Nice Couple Again Love Minayeon And Nice Video And Nice Song

  2. Okay, they have kissed each other, okay thats it, that is, bye

  3. Love minayeon

  4. MINAYON사랑해요-♡-

  5. Las amos mina hizo llorar a nayeon aaaaaa!

  6. MiNayeon!!!!!❤❤

  7. 3:14 is when she thinking about what to write about nayeon and then the first thing that comes to her mind is “thank you for hugging me when I was sad and crying” and then “unnie kissed me in the lips and I blushed”
    I am sorry I still can’t get over itttt ❤❤❤