On the verge of TWICE’s upcoming comeback, a controvesy exploded due to Sana’s words.

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  1. imagine if this was supposed to be something for the comeback cmon

    EDIT: man so close

  2. It was not a big deal stop making stuff up lmao it was already proven the translation was wrong

  3. A small thing making it a Big deal LOL

  4. Wow, idols can’t say anything nowadays because people make a huge mess about it

  5. Do you netizens even know what she means..it is in japanese so it may be in Idioms or something.These NETIZENS really can’t get enough of destroying this or that.My Poor Bb Sana

  6. Even if she said « a strange country » it’s not a big deal I mean she maybe just wanted to say that it was strange as in it’s foreign

  7. Its just a misunderstanding. You guys seriously just finding ways to attack twice.

  8. Is it a big deal

  9. She’s japanese who left her family to go to korea with nothing but her hopes and dreams. She literally made a life in korea and u assume she’s making fun of the country? Only the feebleminded would think so. Lol

  10. Ah those netizens.. Don’t they have anything to do in their I mean how free are they?

  11. 1st!!!

  12. Lol.

  13. They should just knocked her off

  14. tangina nyo mga haters, npakaliit na bagay pinapalaki nyo… talagang naghahanap kau ng paraan pra ibagsak ang twice.. Be strong SanaConda.

  15. I think it’s a mistake in the translation. Like even if she did think Korea is strange she’s not going to say that out loud

  16. Why hate Sana all of a sudden? There are some words in the dictionary that can contradict what he/she truely mean.


  18. Stop hating on Twice!! This is a tiny issue, you made it explode, I’m sorry but can’t you consider how angry me and fellow Once’s feel

  19. Hmm..no comment..why ppl very sensitive nowadays??

  20. Lol, nothing to write?

  21. Maybe she said strange country in a good way. I think its on how u interpret it.

  22. I mean, she didn’t even say that korea was a weird country so sure, go ahead and upload the video anyway

  23. I’m not a fan of twice but neitzens always make a deal out of nothing. It’s not such a big thing tbh

  24. Istg a day will come when neitzens will even complain even if the idol will take a breathe

  25. *A translation error lol*

    The word “fushigi 不思議 ふしぎ” is in positive meaning which means amazing and maraculous

    Plz dont misunderstand our lovely Sana and actually I dont really think this is a big deal lol

  26. *Knetz and haters are the most relax and free human beings on earth that only knows how to spit rubbish.*