This will be the last reaction video I put out probably until the next Day6/TWICE MV. I felt like it’ll be more entertaining if I brought in Kyle (who worked with me on the TWICE MINA paper toy) this time so we reacted to this MV together c:


  1. “it went through two people” LOL

  2. Will you look like Min Yoongi ❤️~

  3. That is the best Momo impersonation that I’ve seen . Lol

  4. Petition to have Will the president of Twice’s fanboy club

  5. FIRST !!!

  6. so the song wasn’t bad but it wasn’t their best. the rap threw me off though.

  7. 0:11 He’s definitely an alien

  8. Will you look so good ! Also his laugh

  9. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 개웃긴다~~~

  10. Hello

  11. omg that voice change tho..!! haha great video!

  12. His laugh is so contagious x)

  13. Best momo impersonation every lol

  14. 7:10 Dorks

  15. 2:14 Me! This is me when I ask people what they want to eat and they say chicken nuggets.