ASK IN A BOX(에스크 인 어 박스): TWICE(트와이스) _ Dance The Night Away

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[Ask In A Box] TWICE – Dance The Night Away

Who will recognize Momo’s ‘You know what I mean?’ first?

The second AIAB of TWICE, who came back with the second special album ‘Summer Nights’!
From the new member like an old man picked by TWICE’s official old guy Dahyun to the member who will find out Momo’s circle first!
Let’s Dance The Night Away by holding the hands of TWICE!


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  1. subs plzzz

  2. Waiting for the sub 🙂

  3. Nayeon❤

  4. I can’t understand them but I’m just smiling all along❤❤

  5. They’re so genuine and cute


  7. 최고최고최고최고

  8. cant understand anything but they look happy so i’ll be happy too :’D



  10. *cute*

  11. Nhìn Jiho trang điểm nhìn kỳ quá

  12. Ôi TWICE đẹp quá và dễ thương

  13. Dr. Mina! I wish they asked better questions… there were so many good questions asked but the picked the same ones Twice always answers…

  14. *6:20** If you could live as another member for a day who would it be?*
    Tzuyu : Nayeon unnie
    Nayeon : Me? Why??
    Tzuyu : I want to know what’s goes on in her mind…
    The members all laugh at their maknae savageness xD we all know how tzuyu like to go shopping with her nayeon unnie lmao fake maknae and real maknae <3

  15. 트와이스 이쁘다

  16. MINARI I THOUGHT you like iron man? HAHAHAHA Dr. Strange ftw!!!!

  17. Waiting for subtitles -_-

  18. *And I’m here crying because of absence of subs*