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  1. Taetzu ❤

  2. Part 2222


  4. I’m a TaeSana shipper though!! Lol!!

  5. I love tzukook

  6. TaeSana is the best !!!
    TaeSana is real !!!
    Taesana is my shipper !!

  7. OMG taetzu and tzukook

  8. JIMINA:*

  9. TaeSana

  10. Wat is ur favourite ship in BangTwice is it TzuKook, Dahmin, Moseok, Taesana, Jinmina, Sugajihyo or RMChaeyoung
    P.S My favourite ship is Tzukook. TZUKOOK FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I love Satzu , Minayeon , Momi .
    I don’t like Tzukook , Taesana, Jimina , Moseok or Jinayeon ok.
    BangTwice not is real .
    TwiceTwice is real ok .

  12. TaeSana

  13. I love Love & Hate Couple a.k.a Jimin and Jungyeon