[4K] 180717 트와이스 TWICE 미나 MINA Full Cam @ 제헌절열린음악회 By Sleeppage


  1. the most beautiful japanese in the universe hehe. thank you for the mina fancam!

  2. Endless videos to watch thia morning. So happy!

  3. I love Mina

  4. 미나리 챙겨두네 둡다현 ㅎㅎ Lovely Dahyun caring for mina ~~

  5. 잘볼게요~

  6. Shame her mic wires were annoying her 🙁

  7. Thank you☺

  8. MINAちゃん美しい。そしてマイク?イヤホン?直してあげるダヒョンちゃん優しい。